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                      Precision Machining
                      With the increasing demand for finished products, we have accmulated a lot of precision machining experience in the long-term business process, and at the same time, we have perfect precision machining processing capabilities and testing equipments. Materials: Steel—C20, C45, stainless steel—AISI304/AISI316, Casting steel—HT200/259, Aluminum—6061/6063-T6, Copper—HPB-59/63, C38500 and etc. Manufacturing process: Turning, Grinding, Milling, Benching. Weight and Size: 10g-200Kg, Max Diameter: 500mm, Max Length: 2000mm Application: Petrochemical equipment, Hydraulic equipment, Printing equipment, Medical to parts.
                      custom machined parts Steel Worm
                        • custom machined parts Steel Worm
                        • custom machined parts Steel Worm
                      Product Details
                      Material#45 steel(Other materials can be customized)
                      Processcyclone milling, grinding, can achieve higher precision
                      Surface Treatment& FinishShot blasting(steel ball) and Pickling passivation
                      ApplicationIndustrial components
                      MoldForging aluminum mold
                      Quality ControlISO9001, JWWA
                      MOQSmall order is acceptable
                      ToleranceCasting tolerances : CT6;Machining tolerances:ISO 2768-m
                      PackagingPacking with carton, wooden case or pallet, all the packing stuff can be recyclable
                      Delivery PeriodSample : Within 45 days upon receipt of prepayment for mold. (Without consideration of shipping time)
                      Batch product delivery date is about 30 days upon receipt of prepayment. (Depending on the number of products and processing difficulty.Without consideration of shipping time.)
                      Term of PaymentPrepayment is 30% of the payment, 50% to the port, 20% after the arrival

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